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This is M/S NOBEL ENTERPRISE is a Government approves Ship Chandler Company at Chittagong in Bangladesh. Have more than 33 years of experience in working on shipping operation, ship repair, new & 2nd hand Good condition spare parts supply and marine services on home & abroad. We can provide all services, such as: ship repair, spare parts supply and maintenance of equipment, materials in the Chittagong port, Bangladesh. We are committed to performing the highest quality marine repair and service with the quickest possible turnaround.

The company brings together experienced specialists. The highly motivated technicians are well versed in all repair tasks and support you in Chittagong, Mongla & Payra port, Bangladesh. We export and supply all sorts of marine/industrial spare parts all over the world as per requirements. We have a huge stock of new & reconditioned spare parts collected from demo listed vessel. We export all items of spare parts and complete machineries as per customer’s requirements at a very competitive price, having checked by our engineers and overhauled with Class Condition Certificate if necessary. The ship demolishing scrap yard in Chittagong is the largest scrap yard in the world. It is a huge source of different types of machineries & spare parts from demo ships. We collects the best parts of these ships & reconditions them for reuse. So far we have exported such spare parts to more than 100 destinations. Once we get a query from our client, right away we step our foot down ensuring it meets the demand 

on right time.

About Our Company

 1. STORE SUPPLY We are supplying all kinds of Store items for our clients. Our client satisfaction is our main aim. We are supplying Deck Store, Cabin Store, and Bond Store. 
 Rope & Hawsers.
 Safety Equipment.
 Paint and Panting Equipment.
 Upper Deck Equipment.
 Catering Equipment.
 Clothing /Linen.
 Brush Ware.
 Cleaning Material.
 Medical.
 Hardware
 Bathroom Equipment etc.
We supply variety of bonded goods, cigarettes’, confectionary, perfumes, electronics, gifts and souvenirs too meet our customer’s requirements. TOBACCO:
 All kinds of Cigarettes.
 All kinds of Tobacco. BEVEAGES
 Juices Beverages
 Soft Drinks
 Canned Fruits
 Tea, Coffee etc.
 Confectionery
 Traveling Products
 Electronics
 Watches and jewelry, etc.

Online Support

Our professional & dedicated Sales Executive and Representatives always stands behind our honorable customers for fulfilling their requirement. Our sales persons will always attend phone calls and e-mail queries of our customers with their full dedication. Equipments & Machineries purchased online at home delivery method will be supplied with proper care at the customer’s site and our engineers will install the purchased items at customer’s site & will provide operational demonstration if required (charge applicable). For the convenience of our customers, we are facilitating cash on delivery option. Every equipment and machineries delivered at customer’s site or delivery received from our office are checked properly including its working condition and operational capability before delivery. Calibration required equipments are delivered after calibrating from our service center. We are always at your side to provide world class and quickest support to your satisfactory level.

Our Team

Mr. Rasel Talukder

Mr. Rasel Talukder

Managing Detector (MD)